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Initial inspiration

At our 2023 Winter Retreat in January, we discussed how AGI can assist teams using design systems during our hackathon day. A lot of topics were mentioned, and we thought about Design Titles ↗︎, a playful website created by Xtian Miller and Boris Crowther where you can generate job names for designers.

We loved this idea of generating names, and we know from experience naming stuff, whether we talk about tokens, components, or even worse — your layers, can sometimes be tricky. So we chose to build a tool that provides ideas for teams looking for a name for their design systems.

Proof of Concept

Very often, design systems tend to be named {companyName} UI, {companyName} Design System, {companyName} DLS. While this is totally fine, we were wondering if GPT-3 could generate appropriate names based on the company name, its brand characteristics and its space. In addition, we wanted a name that could make sense for every company and its design system.

After playing a bit with ChatGPT to see if that could be interesting, we created a proof of concept resulting in a simple Next JS app with three input fields, a button, and a result displayed in a way too big font size, set in Inter (of course).

Final product

During our cooldown week of April, Yann-Edern took the initiative to transform this POC into something that can be shared on the Internets. He also made it more on-brand, improved the prompt sent to GPT-3, and leveraged Vercel Edge Functions, thanks to this brilliant article ↗︎ from Hassan El Mghari.


Next JS


Framer Motion + Lottie

AGI Model

OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo



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